Thursday, August 25, 2005

Author: Martta Maria Aho Ensio (1915-1994)

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1) Martta (6) with Aiti (mother), Isa (father), and brother Jopi; 2) Martta (7) with Aiti, and Aunt Sophie; 3) Martta (left) with Aiti and Isa at Grandpa Aho's woodmill in Laihia, Finland; 4) the Aho family in their fabulous Ford; 5) Hilja (Aiti) and Emil (Isa) Aho; 6) the Ensio family of Turku, Finland; (left to right) Paavo, Pekka Joseppi, Armas Ensio (father), Leena, Lea, and Ireene von Stackelberg (mother); 7) Martta, the young actress, in Turku; 8) Pekka Joseppi Ensio, son of the Mayor of Turku; 9) the restaurant in which Martta and Pekka had their first date; 10) marriage, and along came Paavo (left) and Maritta Ireene (right); 11) And then there were 3 - (left to right) Paavo, Markku, and Maritta Ireene; 12) In 1945, Pekka accepts scholarship to MIT in Boston; (left to right) Maritta, Markku and Paavo in America; 13) And then a job with INCO Canada; Maritta, Markku, and Martta at summer place in Ramsey Lake (Sudbury); 14) Kibbitzing on the lawn - "Don't worry Maritta! Mummy won't hurt daddy!"; 15) summer car treks in Canada; (left to right) Markku, Maritta, Martta and Paavo.

BIOGRAPHY: Born in Laihia, Finland (Jan 11, 1915), Martta Maria Aho Ensio attended the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, where she majored in singing (opera) and drama. In the midst of a burgeoning acting career, she met and married Pekka Joseppi Ensio, the son of Turku mayor Armas Ensio and Ireene von Stackelberg (, and followed her husband to Boston, (USA) where he took his Sc.D at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Ms. Ensio continued her acting career while living variously in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Always interested in writing and painting as well as in the theater, she published her first (and only) novella, a slim autobiography titled, sorry wrong planet in 1988. The book was adapted for screen by Ms. Ensio's grandson Marcus Robinson, who subsequently produced it as an indie film with funding from the Ontario Arts Council and private investors (2004).

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